Many groups across the country are facing immediate closure due to lack of funds, a situation course by COVID – 19

RDA Resilience Campaign

RDA Resilience Fund: Is a nationwide fundraising campaign, which has been launched by RDA UK to help all its member groups to recover from the impact of COVID-19. RDA has almost 500 groups like ours all over the UK, and it is vital that we can all get back to supporting their communities as soon as it is safe for them to do so.

The Resilience Fund will provide relief for groups at risk, as well as practical support and resources for groups facing continued closure. As lockdown continues to ease, the fund will also help RDA UK in the planning and delivery of guidance, training and help for groups who are thinking about restarting.

Why are we supporting this appeal?

Thanks to the support of people like you, and the circumstances in which our group operates, we are not facing immediate financial risk, and we feel sure that we will be able to return to activities once it is safe for us to do so. Even so, over the coming weeks and months we will continue to benefit from being part of the wider RDA organisation, just as we have benefited from that support throughout this difficult time. We are also aware of the groups more vulnerable than ourselves, and we want to show our support for them.

How you can support RDA Resilience

If you feel that you can support the RDA Resilience campaign, so that groups like ours all over the UK can get support to recover from lockdown, please donate at www.justgiving.com/campaign/rda-resilience-fund.

Thank you.

Woodchurch Driving Group RDA Trustees

For further information on this campaign and guidelines on Covid-19 go to:


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