Registered Charity Number 1074411 Woodchurch Driving Group RDA








Our Group is made up of disadvantaged participants and companion qualified RDA Coaches and trained volunteers. We come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring many skills and interests to the Group. Our Group’s ages range from 15 to 87!!

Our common bond is the horses who give so much to everyone. They have the ability to instil trust and confidence and a sense of personal achievement where other channels have failed.

We meet twice weekly from Spring to Autumn and drive in beautiful fields, woods and an outdoor arena.

Drivers enjoy honing their skills, competing against each other and at shows, whilst others just love being with the horses, learning how to groom and care for them and taking part in games and fun pursuits.

Some also enjoy taking the RDA proficiency tests.

We are a registered, self-funding charity and are constantly fundraising for the horses’ upkeep and essential equipment. This is achieved with events and social gatherings throughout the year.

New drivers and volunteers are always welcome.


Due to COVID-19 we have been unable to fundraise as usual to help with the upkeep of our ponies. We have various ways that you could help us. Adopt a Pony, purchase a ticket for 2 draws for the 50 Club or simply donate. If you can help us please click a button below. Many thanks in advance for your support. 😀