Registered Charity Number 1074411 Woodchurch Driving Group RDA
50 Club
Our 50 Club is a prize draw lottery. Its aim Is to raise funds to support our group.
Everyone who purchases a ticket has the chance of winning a cash prize.
A ticket costs £10 and is valid for 2 draws. The more people who join, the more money we will raise and the larger the prize fund. 50% raised goes to the group and 50% is divided into 4 prizes.
The 50 Club is run by Ann Achow and is licensed by Ashford Borough Council.
Registration No. LN/0201911084

9.9.2020 – Draw

1st  Carole M      £72.50

2nd  Susanna S    £36.25

3rd  Hazel R         £18.13

4th  John U         £18.13

Results of 50 Club draw at AGM on 4th March 2020


1st prize   – £66.25 – Helen K

2nd prize  –  £33.12  Jen R

3rd prize  – £16.57  –  Jenny M

4th prize –  £16.57  –  Kaara G


AGM Draw Winners 13th March 2019


1st Prize              £77.50   Roger S

2nd Prize             £38.75   Hilda U

3rd Prize              £19.38   Cathy D

4th Prize              £19.38   Roger B


Fun Day Draw 04/09/19


50 Club draw held on the Fun Day.  They were as follows:

1st prize £88.75    Michael A

2nd prize £44.37   Martyn R

3rd prize £22.19    John U

4th prize £22.19    Cathy D