For me lockdown has been very busy! When lockdown began we had just embarked upon a house build! Over three years in the planning but finally real progress can be seen. In addition to joint project manager I found my experimenting with the trials tribulations of becoming a homeschool teacher! A task I have found extremely challenging and occasionally rewarding. Thankfully
my eldest has taken his secondary school work completely in his stride as primary years two and five have at times left me
completely bewildered!
After deciding that riding carried potential risks of a visit to A&E I started another hobby, one which has a far lower risk of injurydrawing!
It has offered me much in the way of escaping the stresses of everyday but as time has worn on I have found less time to
enjoy it. I have included a few of the many pictures I have drawn.
My pony Sid has just had his shoes put back on and I am back in the saddle, time permitting of course!
I have also enjoyed pretty much daily runs, I walk the dog and bike ride with the children.
You may be thinking where is my husband in all of this? He is resting up with a broken leg!
I have missed being a part of Woodchurch driving group but volunteering to help keep the ponies during lockdown has helped to keep me sane on a Wednesday morning, a short but welcome midweek break! I miss seeing the enjoyment the ponies bring to
people and seeing all of the other volunteers who I hope are staying well and keeping safe.
Kaara x

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