After almost 20 long months away from any form of normality, Woodchurch Driving Group RDA is thrilled to announce that our ponies and some of our drivers have been reunited.

Following the guidelines issued by RDA National and after careful consideration the Trustees of Woodchurch Driving Group RDA have completed the necessary Covid-19 risk assessments in order for the group to restart. Our paperwork was approved and we were signed off.

Several training sessions were held for former volunteers as a refresher and to new volunteers to learn the ropes.

We also had our drivers back to refresh their memories on rein handling and to discuss all the new rules of working in these peculiar times. It was lovely to see everyone looking well and with such enthusiasm to get back to something they have clearly missed.

The group is well equipped with sanitiser for people, harness and carriages in between the participants.

The rules of wearing masks and using sanitiser will be new to us all in RDA, but will be adhered to until there is a change in protocol from RDA National. We hope too that in time more of our drivers will be able to return.

At the time of writing, we have completed 3 successful weeks of driving. There are definite smiles behind those masks.

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